Business Process, ERP System & Technology Consultation

The Key to Growth

Your supply chain has become more dynamic than ever. In order to compete, you need real-time information. Your enterprise resource planning system is the key to delivering that information to everyone who needs it, how they need it, and when they need it. If your ERP system is not delivering, IT Methods can help. Whether you need us to assess your current system and help you better utilize its capabilities, or it’s time for a new system, we have the services you need.

The Next Level

Everything you do is part of a process. If you understand how each activity fits into your process structure, you can effectively manage change at a pace that others cannot. Continuous improvement is all about rapid change. IT Methods can set you on a path to faster improvement by organizing your processes and getting your entire organization in the right frame of mind.

An On-Demand Trusted Adviser

You can’t afford a full-time Chief Information Officer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the support and guidance of a skilled information expert. With “CIO in a Box” services, you only pay for the small portion of such an expert that you need. This makes it possible for your firm to enjoy the benefits of having someone on your executive team who understands both your business and its needs and technology and how it can support those needs.